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Things to Know

  • Sneezing and runny noses are normal, so is nasal congestion ... Have nasal saline on hand and a few drops in your baby's nose before suctioning will help loosen dried secretions and make for a much happier baby!

  • Hiccups are normal! It's an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm, give your baby his or her paci and it will go away or will go away on its own.

  • Rice cannot be added to your baby's milk until 4 months old. Adding it sooner can hurt your baby's tummy. It's best to wait until each appropriate age before adding new foods and add new foods only one at a time in case of food allergies.

  • Stay up to date with appointments and vaccines. Missing vaccines may get your child behind and they may miss out on vital vaccinations.

  • Read and talk with your child daily! It's very important for their language development and social development as well as excellent bonding time!! Laughing and playing with your child is also very important, it gives them a sense of creativity and boosts their confidence when playing with others.

  • Never sleep or nap with your baby or toddler. Co-sleeping is extremely dangerous as you could potentially smother your child.

Safety Concerns with Infants and Small Children

  • Avoid crowded places such as grocery store for the first month
  • Never leave your child/infant unattended on beds or flat surfaces ex. changing tables etc. EVEN at days old! 
  • No walkers
  • Never leave baby unattended in bouncy seats, boppies, swings, high chairs, carriers or other devices.
  • Guns should always be locked up in your home
  • Children should always use sunscreen when outdoors for extended periods
  • Helmets and protective gear should always be worn when riding bikes, skate boarding, or any other activity that your child may be injured. 
  • Monitor video games and television for your children and limit Screen time ... No TV is best .. read with your child instead!
  • No unpasteurized honey for the 1st year!
  • No JUICE!  Contains lots of sugar and has no nutritional value for your little one...give them fresh fruit instead!
  • No Motrin for the first 6 months - infant Tylenol only for pain or fever.